Aira’s new smart glasses give blind users a guide through the visual world

Aira has built a service that basically puts a human assistant into a blind user’s ear by beaming live-streaming footage from the glasses camera to the company’s agents who can then give audio instructions to the end users. The guides can present them with directions or describe scenes for them. It’s really the combination of the high-tech hardware and highly attentive assistants.


Aira’s new smart glasses give blind users a guide through the visual world

Dotdot—The Language of the IoT

In the Internet of Things, every smart device has to understand and speak the same language at the application layer. How else is a smart hub expected to know how to communicate and control an off-the-shelf door lock or thermostat? Without a common application layer, it really doesn’t matter how well the networking layers perform.

Dotdot is a universal, standard application language for smart devices to communicate over any network.

See ElectronicDesign Article:

Dotdot—The Language of the IoT


Tooth-mounted sensors track your diet and health from inside your mouth

Engineers at Tufts University have created tiny #sensors that attach to teeth. It’s not a fashion statement, though it could very well someday become one. Instead, the wireless sensors are designed to monitor health and dietary habits, relaying data about sugar, salt, and alcohol intake to a wearer’s mobile device. It’s like a little nutritionist in your mouth that keeps tabs on every time you cheat on your diet.


Tooth-mounted sensors track your diet and health from inside your mouth



Final Agenda & Speakers for IoT Thames Valley Meetup on 18 April

We have speakers from Amazon Web Services, Vodafone, Cloud9 eSIM Technologies, Ultra IoT, Armor Associates, Microshare and the Knowledge Transfer Network. You can register/RSVP for the Meetup here:


Tara Walker is a Senior Technical Evangelist and Developer at Amazon Web Services. Who describes herself as a “Geek Girl who is an ardent developer, enthusiastic software engineer and impassioned technical evangelist keen on software development/engineering and technical strategies who loves tackling big challenges, and making a difference in people’s lives via technology.”

Gareth Hamer is Director of Business Development, Cloud 9 Mobile. Gareth will be presenting and answering your questions on the new GSMA standard for eSIMs (embedded SIMs ) which are now being introduced in to the Consumer and IoT market.

John Tuersley, Manager of Vodafone’s NB-IoT and Open Labs is looking for people interested in developing NB-IoT capable devices/sensors.

Robin Kennedy, Transfer Manager at the Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN) will providing an update of the latest funding opportunities and news from Innovate UK.

William Steen, Director, Armor Associates will be talking about his experience working with a customer to launch a range of intelligent furniture products using the ‘Particle’ platform.

Charles Paumelle is Co-founder and Managing Director of Microshare and Co-chair Marketing of the LoRa Alliance. Microshare is launching a free IoT data storage solution for developers and corporates that is integrated with many LoRaWAN network servers and allows storing and sharing all your IoT data securely.

Antoine Zenié, Co-Founder of ULTRA IoT will be talking about the principles from design thinking, some of the considerations involved in developing and testing new IoT solutions will be evaluated in order to reduce the time required in the initial planning and discussion phases.

If you are looking for a new contract position or to hire then come along and talk to Fabiola Pinheiro from LynxPro.


6.00 – 6.45 Drinks & Pizza Reception, Networking and meet the exhibitors
6.45 Welcome – Duncan Purves
6.50 Tara Walker, Sr. Technical Evangelist, Amazon Web Services
7.10 “eSIMs explained” Gareth Hamer, Director of Business Development, Cloud 9 Mobile
7.25 “Innovate UK opportunities and news” Robin Kennedy, KTN
7.30 ‘Showcase’
– “Design thinking and rapid prototyping in IoT” Antoine Zenié, Co-Founder – ULTRA IoT
– “Real IoT – Particle Platform and Intelligent Furniture” William Steen, Director, Armor Associates
– “Free IoT data storage” Charles Paumelle, Co-founder Microshare, Co-chair Marketing, LoRa Alliance
– “NB-IoT and Open Labs” John Tuersley, Vodafone
7.50 ‘Open to the Floor’
7.55 ‘IoT contract & job opportunities’
– Fabiola Pinheiro, LynxPro
8.00 – 9.30 Networking and meet the exhibitors

Confirmed Exhibitors:
– Cloud 9 Mobile
– LynxPro
– Review Display Systems

Establishing Unique Identity and Security for Cost-Sensitive Embedded Products

Article by ElectronicDesign:

“The Trusted Computing Group’s DICE Architecture offers a platform that provides a unique identity to protect vehicles and most other embedded systems.


Establishing Unique Identity and Security for Cost-Sensitive Embedded Products

While many companies and organizations have only begun to face the reality of hackers, vulnerabilities, and unauthorized access, the Trusted Computing Group (TCG) has been addressing trust and security issues for more than a decade. The concept of established trust and the related security benefits for PCs, servers, and networking gear has been built on international standards defining hardware roots of trust based on TCG’s Trusted Platform Module (TPM).

While TPMs were initially implemented in application-specific ICs (ASICs), the TPM has since evolved to address the requirements of different applications and markets. The most recent embodiment is TPM 2.0 and the accompanying library specification describing all of the commands/features that could be implemented—and might be needed—in platforms from servers to laptops, even to embedded systems. Today, discrete, integrated, firmware and software TPMs (in decreasing security order) offer different tradeoffs between cost, features, and security.

However, despite this evolution, including a TPM in many IoT and embedded systems may still be impractical due to constraints around cost, power, physical space, design efficiency, etc. In response to the need for increased security, especially in these constrained environments, TCG, in partnership with member companies, has developed the DICE Architecture. DICE offers many of the same security benefits without a corresponding increase in silicon requirements.”

The house that Apple built: a tour around a purpose-built HomeKit smart home

Article by Tech Radar:

“We’ve long been promised the voice-activated, automated, robot-butler-equipped home of the future, a nuclear age dream of the 1950s that’s inspired everything from The Jetsons to Back to the Future II. And while the smart home concept is now finally, slowly becoming mainstream, there remains a crucial barrier to entry – with so many devices to choose from, and so many smart home ecosystems to rule them all, where does the forward-thinking homeowner start?”

Sommar Place, currently under construction in Milton Keynes, will offer 56 modern houses and apartments with a key difference from your standard new-build properties: they’re being built from the ground up with Apple’s HomeKit ecosystem in mind.

See: The house that Apple built: a tour around a purpose-built HomeKit smart home


New Google Patent Could Turn Your Bathroom Mirror Into A Medical Device

“A patent application published January 4 details how Google could use “optical sensors” placed in patients’ devices or belongings to capture data on individual’s cardiovascular function – all with the aim of motivating behavioral changes and reducing instances of heart disease.

The sensors might even be positioned (per the patent’s illustrations) in a “sensing milieu” in a patient’s bathroom”

See CBInsights Research Briefs:

New Google Patent Could Turn Your Bathroom Mirror Into A Medical Device


IPSO Alliance Merges with Open Mobile Alliance to Form OMA SpecWorks

The Open Mobile Alliance (OMA) and the IPSO Alliance (IPSO) announced today that IPSO has transferred its assets, work and memberships to the OMA, forming a joint organization called OMA SpecWorks. All technical working groups from IPSO and OMA remain active and are tasked with creating and driving a set of global technical deliverables in the mobile and internet of things (IoT) services layer. OMA SpecWorks leverages OMA’s vast experience to allow developers to quickly transform an idea into an industry specification and then manage the specification’s publication and maintenance.

See Press Release:

IPSO Alliance Merges with Open Mobile Alliance to Form OMA SpecWorks

The Internet of Growing Things

Connected sensors and big data are changing how farmers grow crops and raise livestock – making food safer and better for everyone.

“The Internet of Things #IoT is turning the ancient practice of farming into precision agriculture. Sensors implanted in the soil can tell you when and where to irrigate. Cameras attached to a drone flying over a field of soy beans can spot a mite on a leaf from 400 feet. IoT devices for cattle can tell you when heifers are about to calve or when cows are in heat.”

See the article by The Atlantic:

The Internet of Growing Things



Nest reveals the first truly connected home

The Register:

“Having announced back in September that it would launch a new smart security system, doorbell and lock, the company finally put the last two into the market this week, as well as a new, smarter outdoor security camera.”