IoT Security Foundation Conference | 26 November | London

The 2019 IoT Security Foundation Conference will aim to illuminate, educate and keep you up-to-date with best practice, next-practice and the latest developments in IoT cyber security.

The era of IoT describes the world as it transforms to be ever-digital and increasingly connected. Along with the power of digital comes the reciprocal cyber threat, and we continue to witness a number of attacks enabled by products that lack protection against well-known exploits, have been badly configured or suffer from poor maintenance. This causes businesses to be hesitant, concerns governments, increases the likelihood of regulation and ultimately frustrates markets.

Vendors must build secure, purchasers must buy secure, and users must be secure: to be without security in a digital world is not an option. Society and industry need to fight back as no one should design, should buy, or should use a connected product, service or system that lacks fit-for-purpose security.

Yet there are no ‘one-size fits all’ security solutions – they are dependent on the application. Most of the attacks we see today can be effectively defended against, many by relatively simple measures. Organisations need to be informed, the solutions presented, choices made, and those choices need to be in keeping with their business context.

The Conference will feature 30+ speakers over the ‘big picture’ plenary sessions and breakout tracks. For more details see:

In the plenary sessions, we will be exploring markets, regulation, assurance, standards, and certification as all stakeholders work together on the security agenda. Within the tracks, we will be illuminating the challenges within the IoTSF framework values of ; Security First (design and planning), Fit for Purpose (applications) and Resilience (maintaining security in use).

Internet of Things Thames Valley Meetup | 13th November

There are just 3 days until the final Internet of Things Thames Valley Meetup of the year on the evening of Wednesday 13th November at the Green Park Conference Centre, Green Park, Reading RG2 6GP.

Drinks and pizza will be served from 6pm

You can register/RSVP (free to attend) for the Internet of Things Meetup here:

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This group is open (free) for business, academic, public sector and technical professionals interested in the ‘Internet of Things’ who wish network, share knowledge and experiences and develop business opportunities.

Speakers & Talks

Youssef Chami, Networks Strategy- Senior Manager, Vodafone will be giving a talk about 5G:
NB-IoT offers unprecedented protection, performance and coverage in its first release when compared to other IoT technologies, but also provides scope for extensive enhancements in a subsequent 4G Evo and 5G releases over the coming years. An overview of the first sets of new features will be given, covering both enhancements of the initial features and the introduction of new capabilities to bring the benefits of 5G to an ever-wider ecosystem including Industrial & Educations IoT.

Professor Richard Lanyon-Hogg will be giving a talk: “Internet of Trees” and will open up a discussion on the “Sustainability of IoT”. The sustainability of IoT is a concern that needs addressing. As they rolled out the Internet of Trees pilot with the support of the Forestry Commission Research Council, Small Woods Association and Wildlife Trust, they couldn’t escape the issue that e-waste is an enormous problem; and as pervasive computing becomes ever more ubiquitous how can the industry become more sustainable in its use of materials, how can it be encouraged to design for disassembly and how can we stop discarding and exporting our waste to third world countries and avoid IoT becoming another Plastics catastrophe?

Jason Allocca, Business Development Manager, Kemuri talk: “Supporting Elderly Independent Living using IoT devices”
Vulnerable people living alone may have falls or illnesses that may remain undetected for days and they can suffer from life-threatening dehydration, urinary tract infections or hypothermia; they may not be able to reach the kitchen for drinking and eating as normal and be unable to call for help.
British start-up Kemuri has developed K-Sockets, which learn and monitor patterns of normal kitchen-based activity every hour, including motion, temperature, power usage and power supply, and automatically alert responders if they detect risks.The talk will provide insight into how Kemuri is using IoT devices to help the elderly to live independently for longer.

Alice and Alex, from Computer Futures, will be presenting valuable insights into the IoT market, touching upon desirable and sought after skillsets within the Embedded Software and Electronics Market. They will be discussing data that they have collected from their clients and candidates within The Thames Valley region regarding factors such as market rates/salaries and market trends. They will also have a stand at the meetup, where you can ask them any questions you have regarding recruitment, market trends, CV tips and the impending IR35 changes.

Rob Spurrett, CEO, Lacuna Space will be giving a talk: “Solving the Connectivity Challenge”.
Lacuna Space’s mission is to bring LoRaWAN connectivity to every part of the globe, at very low cost using miniature satellites and battery-powered sensors communicating direct to satellites in low earth orbit. With one demonstration satellite already in orbit and three more to be launched in the coming months, this dream getting close to being realised and at surprisingly low costs.

Richard Hughes, Director and IoT Specialist, Think Engineer talk: “Smart Cities – A New Development”
Think Engineer are working with Reading Borough Council on a Smart City Cluster project, and we’d like to let you in on out approach to rapidly developing a new Smart City product from concept to pilot.

Robert Brown, Co-Founder, Jitsuin talk; “Meeting the NIS Directive with Distributed Ledgers”
Operators of Essential Services face continual supply chain risks from connected Things.
Strengthening threats, thinning air gaps and complex deep technology supply chains compound the challenge for CISOs to manage risk with fewer resources. Check-box compliance audits and spreadsheets won’t keep up with proving when who did what to a Thing and how it impacts cyber-risk in real-time.
Distributed ledgers bring the visibility, continuity, collaboration and automation that’s needed for continual compliance to new regulations.


6.00 – 6.45  Drinks & Pizza Reception, Networking and meet the exhibitors
6.45  Welcome – Duncan Purves
6.50  “5G new capabilities and benefits”, Youssef Chami, Vodafone UK”
7.10  “Supporting Elderly Independent Living using IoT devices” Jason Allocca, Business Development Manager, Kemuri
7.25  “Solving the Connectivity Challenge” Rob Spurrett, CEO, Lacuna Space
7.35  “Smart Cities – A New Development” Richard Hughes, Director and IoT Specialist, Think Engineer
7.45  “IoT Market Insights” Alice Grant and Alexander Hood, Computer Futures”
7.55  ‘Showcase Talks’
– “Meeting the NIS Directive with Distributed Ledgers” Robert Brown, Co-Founder, Jitsuin
8.00 –  “Internet of Trees and Sustainability of IoT”, Professor Richard Lanyon-Hogg, University of Sheffield
8.10 – 9.30  Networking and meet the exhibitors

– Computer Futures
– Review Display Systems
– Think Engineer