AWS IoT and Alexa in the connected home

Andrew Hood of Amazon Web Services @awscloud will be giving a talk “AWS IoT and Alexa in the connected home” at #IoT Thames Valley Meetup on 19th June at the GreenPark Conference Centre, Reading.

Free to attend. RSVP:

IoT Thames Valley Meetup #26

AWS IoT services for the connected home bring devices and services together for an integrated, autonomous experience that improves a consumers’ lives. Connected home experiences include everything from voice-controlled lights, house-cleaning robots, machine learning-enabled security cameras, and Wi-Fi routers that troubleshoot for you. Additionally, given that voice control is becoming pervasive across smart homes, these devices can also benefit from using voice services like Alexa for an even more seamless customer experience.

Thanks to decreasing costs and increasing options for connectivity, these smart home devices, sensors, and tools can be interlinked to create real-time, contextual, and smart experiences for consumers. Learn how in this session.

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