Internet of Things Security Foundation Conference | 40+ Speakers

Internet of Things Security Foundation Conference

Internet of Things Security Foundation unveil over 30 speakers for the 6th Annual IoT Security Foundation Conference, PLUS more to be announced soon. The IoTSF Cybersecurity Conference is a four-day virtual event, from 1st to 4th December, 2020, that will illuminate and educate delegates with best practice, next-practice and the latest developments in IoT cyber security.

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The Internet of Things Security Foundation Conference features talks by leading cyber security experts, training workshops and track sessions for executives, developers, engineers, managers and security professionals including:

Keynote Speech:“AI-Driven Cyber Defense for Endpoint Energy Assets”
Leo Simonovich, VP & Global Head, Industrial Cyber, Siemens Energy
Keynote Speech:“IoT Security Challenges and Opportunities in the 5G Era”
Mihoko Matsubara, Chief Cybersecurity Strategist, NTT CorporationKeynote Speech:“When One Size Solution Doesn’t Fit All”
Kat Megas, Program Manager for the NIST Cybersecurity for Internet of Things (IoT) program, NIST

“Software Provenance – Where Do We Draw the Line?”
Matt Wyckhouse, CEO, Finite State

“Securing the Industrial IoT”
Simon Butcher, Principal Embedded Security Engineer, Arm

“Secure Management of Things in AWS IoT”
Dave Walker, Principal Specialist Solution Architect for Security and Compliance, Amazon Web Services

“Practical Physical Attacks Against Embedded Systems and Their Secure Design to Mitigate Them”
Rohini Narasipur, Product security engineer and incident handler, Bosch PSIRT

“Challenges of Vulnerability Management and Disclosure Processes in a Big Organisation – The Bosch PSIRT”
Carolina Adaros, Product Security Incident Handler, Bosch PSIRT

“Shining the Light of Truth: a Journey into Vulnerability Disclosure Practices at Consumer IoT Product Companies”
David Rogers MBE, Founder, Copper Horse

“IoT on the Frontline – when a 3rd Party 0day Becomes your Problem…”
Adam Laurie, Global Lead Hardware Hacker, IBM

“Sensory Overload – Cybersecurity Threats for Next Generation Vehicles”
Steve Povolny, Head of Advanced Threat Research, McAfee

“Secure by Design, Still a USP in a Competitive Environment”
Ivan Reedman, Head Tinkerer and Ponderer, NCC Group

“The Consumer IoT Attack Surface – an Architectural Deep Dive on the Threats and Mitigations for Real World IOT Deployments”
Nick Allott, CEO, NquiringMinds

“One Way or Another, they’re Going to Get you: Threats to Press Freedom from the Internet of Things”
Anjuli Shere, Analyst/Writer/Researcher, University of Oxford

“Securing the Internet of Medical Things”
Andy Bridden, IoT Security Consultant, PA Consulting

“The IoT is Littered with Security Disasters. As the Distinction from OT Blurs how do we Avoid Repeating them?”
Ken Munro, Partner, Pen Test Partners

“Meeting the Industry 4.0 Security Challenges of IEC 62443”
Haydn Povey, CEO, Secure Thingz

“IoT Security Reference Architecture”
Professor Kwok-Yan LAM, Professor of Computer Science, Nanyang Technological University

“ETSI EN 303 645 – the Ultimate IoT Testing Baseline. Lessons Learned and way Forward”
Razvan Venter, Team Lead Security Compliance and Certifications, Secura B.V.

“How eSIM Technology Can be Used Within the IoT”
Zofia Domanska, Product Manager, G+D

“IoT security, and it’s Disturbing Status”
Pieter Meulenhoff, Quality control, internships & security training, Eurofins Cyber Security

“Supply Chain Integrity”
Amyas Phillips, Chair of the IoTSF Supply Chain Integrity Working Group, IoT Consultant & Security Scientist, Ambotec

“New Guidance and Best Practices on the Security of Smart Built Environments, IoTSF”
James Willison, Founder, Unified Security

“What is a Smart Built Environment, and Why it Matters?”
Sarb Sembhi, Co-Chair of Smart Built Environment Group, CTO & CISO, Virtually Informed

Join the IoTSF Conference and:

  • Learn About the Potential Risks & Vulnerabilities Associated with IoT Systems & Connected Devices
  • Gain an Understanding of IoT Security Best Practice for the Design of Products & Services
  • Understand what to Specify & Look for When Procuring IoT Products & Services
  • Learn About the Current and Future State of Standards, Regulation & Assurance
  • Discover the Lessons Learned in Real Life War Stories
  • Hear From Leading Experts & Companies Offering Security Products, Solutions & Services

Internet of Things Thames Valley Virtual Meetup | 7th April

Internet of Things Thames Valley Meetup for business, academic, public sector and technical professionals interested in the IoT.



Simon Fabri, Head of Connected Car Architecture, Jaguar Land Rover
“Connected Car at Jaguar Land Rover – The brains and the brawn”

Sarah Mannion, Enterprise Evangelist, NVIDIA
“NVIDIA: Autonomous Objects Made Easy”

Isaac George, SVP & Head of European Operations, Happiest Minds Technologies
“Enhanced Customer Experience Connected Car Ecosystem”

Alice Grant, Computer Futures
“Women in Tech and Mind the Gap”

Rob McDonald on behalf of Thames Valley Berkshire
“Thames Valley Berkshire, Smart City Cluster – Update”

Paul McGuinness, CTO, MIT Dynamic Technologies
“UCentric IoT”


7.00 Welcome – Duncan Purves
7.05 “Connected Car at Jaguar Land Rover – The brains and the brawn” Simon Fabri, Head of Connected Car Architecture, Jaguar Land Rover
7.25 “NVIDIA: Autonomous Objects Made Easy” Sarah Mannion, Enterprise Evangelist, NVIDIA
7.45 “Enhanced Customer Experience Connected Car Ecosystem” Isaac George, SVP & Head of European Operations, Happiest Minds Technologies
8.00 “Women in Tech and Mind the Gap”, Alice Grant, Computer Futures
8.10 “Thames Valley Berkshire, Smart City Cluster – Update” Rob McDonald, on behalf of Thames Valley Berkshire
8.20’Showcase Talks’
“UCentric IoT” Paul McGuinness, CTO, MIT Dynamic Technologies
8.30 Q&A
8.40 End of Virtual Meetup

IoT Thames Valley Meetup 19th June Final Agenda & News

We have fantastic line up of Meetup speakers, talks and demos from Amazon Web Services, Arm & Pen Test Partners.

You can register/RSVP for this Meetup here:

A special thank you to our sponsors Arm and Review Display Systems.

Speakers & Talks:

Andrew Hood, Amazon Web Services
“AWS IoT and Alexa in the connected home”
AWS IoT services for the connected home bring devices and services together for an integrated, autonomous experience that improves a consumers’ lives. Connected home experiences include everything from voice-controlled lights, house-cleaning robots, machine learning-enabled security cameras, and Wi-Fi routers that troubleshoot for you. Additionally, given that voice control is becoming pervasive across smart homes, these devices can also benefit from using voice services like Alexa for an even more seamless customer experience. Thanks to decreasing costs and increasing options for connectivity, these smart home devices, sensors, and tools can be interlinked to create real-time, contextual, and smart experiences for consumers. Learn how in this session.

Tony Gee, Pen Test Partners,
“Systemic flaws in IoT”
As the IoT brings ever more connected capabilities in to our lives we are seeing more and more devices utilising the same backend architecture. We are seeing more and more vendors replicating vulnerabilities across multiple device types, from tracking watches to car alarms. We are seeing zombie vulnerabilities rising from the dead, insecure direct object references which mostly died off back in 2002 are now found on many devices we look at. In this talk we will discuss some of these and show some of our recent research in to the Internet of Things.

Rob Coombs, Arm,
“PSA Certified – building trust in IoT”
Platform Security Architecture was announced by Arm in October 2017 as a security framework for IoT. Arm provides the recipe (security architecture documents) and ingredients (open source software, tools, models, dev boards) to help the electronics industry build secure IoT solutions. At Embedded World this year we introduced PSA Certified, a multi-level security evaluation scheme for IoT chips, software and devices. This presentation will provide an introduction to PSA Certified.

In other news, the companies supporting the Secure IoT cyber security conference on 7th November continues to grow and we have speakers confirmed from:

  • Amazon Web Services
  • Arm
  • Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport
  • Device Authority
  • GSMA
  • IBM
  • NCC Group
  • Pen Test Partners
  • SAS

You can book discounted Early Bird tickets here:

Arm acquires Treasure Data and launches IoT platform

Arm acquires Treasure Data and launches Pelion IoT platform to provide end-to-end IoT connectivity, device and data management.

Arm has acquired Treasure Data, a specialist in enterprise data management providing businesses the ability to aggregate and derive insights from disparate data sources, CRM, IoT devices, ecommerce and more.

Arm, a UK-based subsidiary of Japanese firm SoftBank, has also launched its Pelion IoT platform, which combines technologies from US-based Treasure Data, the acquisition of Stream and Arm Mbed Cloud, to provide end-to-end IoT connectivity, device and data management for hybrid environments. The Pelion IoT platform will enable companies to connect seamlessly and securely and manage IoT devices and data at any scale