Internet of Things Virtual Meetup – 16 September 2020

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Date(s) - Wed, 16 Sep 2020
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm


Internet of Things Thames Valley Meetup for business, academic, public sector and technical professionals interested in the IoT.  Great speakers/talks and networking.




Patrick Giezen, Business Development Manager IoT, TeamViewer
“Democratizing IoT – TeamViewer’s perspective on the Digital Twin”
Digital Twin has been defined as a “Simulation of product performance in-field, based on operations data,” essentially for the purpose of visualizing, studying, and optimizing processes. Digital twins visually integrate Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning (ML), and software analytics. This talk will go through the following:

  • Why Digital Twin is on the Rise
  • What are the benefits from using it
  • Anatomy of the TeamViewer Digital Twin
  • Which industries benefit the most
  • Architecture in detail
  • What happens to data and how it is represented

Nick Allott, CEO of nquiringminds
“A detailed look at IoT attack vectors in the home”
Domestic IoT architectures are deceptively complex. NQM and University of Oxford have been working on a detailed architectural analysis of IoT deployment architectures. The emergent taxonomy has proven useful in better understanding the nature of the threat and the mitigations (and innovation) needed to better protect ourselves. This talk with go through this architecture in detail, highlighting some of the practical steps we can talk to improve the IoT security state of the art.

Nicola Thorn, Executive Director at AND Technology Research
“Combatting COVID with IoT”
The talk will discuss how three different types of IoT projects have been repurposed to help the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of COVID, taking a dive into how development and regulatory challenges were overcome.

Steven Bishop, Dialoguers / Co-Opts
“Audio appliance for transcription of patient session for Mental Health Care”

This talk covers:

  • Technical development and system architecture
  • Different skill-sets needed to produce the product
  • Technical Risks
  • Progress so far
  • Programming Languages & Tools used
  • Software engineering problems and experiences.
Virtual Networking

The Meetup will give you all an opportunity to network and meet someone new. At the end of the Meetup a number of Zoom ‘Breakout Rooms’ will be created and you will be randomly assigned to them, which will allow you to talk to/network with each other.


7.00 Welcome – Duncan Purves
7.05 “Combating COVID with IoT” – Nicola Thorn, Executive Director, AND Technology Research
7.25 “Threats to the IoT Ecosystem” – Nick Allott, CEO nquiringminds
7.45 Speaker TBA
8.05 “Audio appliance for transcription of patient session for Mental Health Care” Steven Bishop, Dialoguers / Co-Opts
Security Foundation
8.15 Virtual Networking Breakout 1
8.35 Virtual Networking Breakout 2
8.55 Wrap-up
9.00 End of Virtual Meetup

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