IoT Security Foundation Conference | 26 November | London

The 2019 IoT Security Foundation Conference will aim to illuminate, educate and keep you up-to-date with best practice, next-practice and the latest developments in IoT cyber security.

The era of IoT describes the world as it transforms to be ever-digital and increasingly connected. Along with the power of digital comes the reciprocal cyber threat, and we continue to witness a number of attacks enabled by products that lack protection against well-known exploits, have been badly configured or suffer from poor maintenance. This causes businesses to be hesitant, concerns governments, increases the likelihood of regulation and ultimately frustrates markets.

Vendors must build secure, purchasers must buy secure, and users must be secure: to be without security in a digital world is not an option. Society and industry need to fight back as no one should design, should buy, or should use a connected product, service or system that lacks fit-for-purpose security.

Yet there are no ‘one-size fits all’ security solutions – they are dependent on the application. Most of the attacks we see today can be effectively defended against, many by relatively simple measures. Organisations need to be informed, the solutions presented, choices made, and those choices need to be in keeping with their business context.

The Conference will feature 30+ speakers over the ‘big picture’ plenary sessions and breakout tracks. For more details see:

In the plenary sessions, we will be exploring markets, regulation, assurance, standards, and certification as all stakeholders work together on the security agenda. Within the tracks, we will be illuminating the challenges within the IoTSF framework values of ; Security First (design and planning), Fit for Purpose (applications) and Resilience (maintaining security in use).

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