Systemic flaws in IoT

Tony Gee @_tonygee_ of Pen Test Partners, is giving a talk “Systemic flaws in IoT” at the IoT Thames Valley Meetup on 19th June  at the Green Park Conference Centre,  Reading.

This is a free to attend event. To register, please RSVP:

IoT Thames Valley Meetup #26

As the IoT brings ever more connected capabilities in to our lives we are seeing more and more devices utilising the same backend architecture. We are seeing more and more vendors replicating vulnerabilities across multiple device types, from tracking watches to car alarms. We are seeing zombie vulnerabilities rising from the dead, insecure direct object references which mostly died off back in 2002 are now found on many devices we look at. In this talk we will discuss some of these and show some of our recent research in to the Internet of Things.

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